How do I pay with Flexa?
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Paying with Flexa is easy, fast, and secure. For answers to common questions about how Flexa payments work, see below.

How do I scan the QR code for a Flexa payment?

If you’re at a store or restaurant and your cashier presents you with a Flexa-branded QR code, simply scan it with the Camera app on your phone. Flexa’s platform is built for the ultimate flexibility of enabling you to spend with your preferred wallet. If you scan the Flexa QR code directly in a specific wallet, you may be led to an error page.

How do I choose the app and asset I want to use for payment?

After you scan a Flexa-branded QR code, you will follow these steps:

  1. You will have an option to select the app of your preference

  2. You will then select the asset you wish to pay with

  3. Tap “Pay Now” at the bottom of the screen

  4. Depending on the app, you will either be redirected to the app to confirm your payment, or you will see the details of the amount and address to which to send your payment.

What if the app I want to use isn’t listed?

  1. Select the “WalletConnect” option and then select your preferred currency.

  2. Once you select “Pay Now”, you will be taken to a screen with the details you need to complete the payment

  3. Simply copy all of the information using the copy icons, then open your preferred wallet

  4. In your wallet app, choose the option to “send” digital assets

  5. Paste the wallet address from the Flexa payments page as well as the amount

What happens if I don’t copy the destination address correctly?

If the destination address isn’t entered correctly, your payment won’t work and you may not be able to recover the funds you send. To ensure your payment goes through, always confirm the destination address matches after you enter it.

Can I use more than one asset to make a payment?

No, Flexa only supports payments using one asset at a time. If you would like to combine the value of multiple assets to make a payment, use your wallet’s swap feature to convert all of the necessary value into a single asset for your payment.

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