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How do I delete my Flexa ID?
How do I delete my Flexa ID?
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If you would like Flexa to delete your Flexa ID (including your transaction history, deposit addresses, and any other account-related information), please email [email protected] with the subject line “Delete my account.”

Flexa always works to collect and securely maintain the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to comply with the law in the various jurisdictions where we operate. You should know, however, that even after we delete your Flexa ID, we may be required to maintain a subset of your account-related information in our records for legal and compliance purposes. This information will be permanently purged from our systems as soon as the mandated record-keeping period has elapsed as prescribed by the specific legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which your Flexa ID was created.

If you have questions about these record-keeping requirements or about the process of deleting your Flexa ID, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] separately.

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